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Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Sound Investment Enterprises

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Kihei, HI  96753

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About Us...


..."your friend in the business"...

      While we are often known by our technical knowledge from years of hands-on experience, the greatest value that we bring to our clients is our ability to deliver the best possible solution for your situation while insuring your absolute satisfaction with every aspect of your finished product!     

     As "your friend in the business", we'll be your technical, go-to-resource.  We know that every client and project has unique needs that require a personalized solution tailored to their exact situation.

    That's why we have such a diverse set of services to meet your specific circumstances.  Whether you just need a piece of equipment or an entire facility optimized with great purpose-driven acoustics and state-of-the-art  systems...we're here to help!  So take a look at our list of services...and if you have any questions about equipment or acoustical issues, or how we could work together on a pending project,
just click here and fill out the contact info.  We'll be in touch right away.

     Here's a list of our frequently requested services...

  • Architectural acoustics & noise control

  • Computerized acoustical analysis

  • Recording studio acoustical design

  • Sound system design

  • Recording & pod-casting system design

  • Lighting system design

  • Video projection system design

  • I.Mag(Image Magnification)system design

  • Video Production system design

  • Staging & Rigging system design

  • Sound, Lighting, & Video Equipment Sales

  • System integration & installation

  • System equalization and balancing

  • Sound system operator training

  • Lighting system operator training

  • Acoustical & technical system master planning

  • AV system conceptual design cost analysis

  • AV system integration & project management 

      To receive additional details of how we can assist you just click here...we'll respond right away!